About Us

The very website that you are visiting today is the work of a group of friends who share a mutual enthusiasm towards the great outdoors and sports. Our adventurist spirit was the spark that ignited the idea which drives us to add new content and improve this online platform. We write about our personal experience and cover stories that include pro tips, gear reviews, and reports based on our adventures.

Meet the people behind USA Outdoors.

Our online magazine features latest stories that will share some light on how it is outdoors when you rely on purpose made gear to endure at the mercy of the elements. We write just about anything important that helps our readers experience the same thrill and passion of being in the natural environment. Our publication also strongly focuses on bringing you the latest gear and accessories news and related info. You can also enjoy write-ups about research, country guides and find maps that will surely be of help when you want to experience the pure excitement of finding your way over unknown terrain.

What Is Our Mission?

This whole online content platform is the work of an experienced group of people who like to share their passion for exploration and adventures. We are very much aware that there is a bunch of similarly themed websites to our own however we differentiate with our unique mission statement and our professional background. Years of experience give us credibility to share and pass along all the knowledge that we gathered along the road.

Our mission is simple: We take everything we produce here very seriously so that our users have access to verified information, unbiased product reviews and professional grade tips and guides. All of this rich content info is there to be useful and assistive as much as possible. We try to keep our articles simple and readable to everyone, and this is what makes us one of the most read publication website currently available.

You can be confident that when you see our top products list that it is the sum of countless hours of the field testing and real-life use. We test our gear to its breaking point and share every single detail we find out so that you, the end user, knows what to expect to get for its hard-earned money. Our editors are experienced climbers and hikers, and they don’t gently treat their equipment during review testing.

We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the interest of our reader community so feel free to write to us and share your feedback and questions if you have any. Constructive feedback or critique helps us improve and advance this online information-driven content network. Be sure to share our website with your friends and everyone that you know will benefit from this type of content that we continually create and update. We would like to thank you for visiting and taking your time to browse through our site and hope that you find everything here useful and informative.