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Alaska is a place with abundant geological and natural beauties with many hidden secrets that are waiting to be discovered. However, this place does not offer the same enjoyment to everyone. Alaska offers wonderful and colorful landscapes for photography enthusiasts and unique trails for hikers.

For us, anglers, this place offers the extraordinary King Salmon also known as Chinook. Whether you are avid fishermen or you are fishing occasionally, you definitely know that this part of the world has ample King Salmon fish. Undoubtedly, it is popular amongst the fishing community and people not only from the US, but also from other countries come to fish for Chinook.

Obviously, fishing for King Salmon gifts us with adventure, suspense and pride of course if you land a trophy fish.

After searching the net, several fishing magazines and forums, we came to a conclusion that numerous fishing friends have significant queries related to that fish.

King Alaska Salmon

Photo credit: Wild Alaska Seafood

Are there special rules or do I need a license in order to fish the king salmon? Which is the most appropriate fishing tackle? Are there any interesting fishing lodges and locations in Alaska? If you have the same questions, please continue to read our article-ultimate king salmon guide.

These questions are good to ask, as we are talking about fishing holidays. Consequently, we decided to compile a detailed guide with the best Alaska King Salmon fishing trips and locations.

A few words about the King Salmon

First of all, this fish is the biggest salmon from the salmon fish species and it can reach the weight of 100lbs. You can find them all over the northern Pacific Coasts and specifically in Alaska. King Salmon are born in shallow streams and they live there for a year.

Afterwards, they swim to the Ocean where they can find food easily. They stay in the ocean for about eight years and they return in the freshwater in order to spawn. The majority of them spawn in large rivers and surprisingly they are swimming upstream hundreds of miles in order to find a good spawn location.

King Salmon or Chinook is an anadromous fish, as they live both in freshwater and saltwater. We could characterize this fish as extremely aggressive and clever. Chinook live in shoals during the first years of their life and afterwards they begin to hunt for small fish alone.

There is no doubt that this fishing experience will give you unforgettable memories. Moreover, King Salmon are not only popular game fish, but also very tasty as it has various healthy oils and protein.

Find more King Salmon or Chinook basic Information on Wikipedia


Kenai River

Kenai River by

Kenai River
By Frank K. from Anchorage, Alaska, USA

The wonderful Kenai River is the largest river of the southeastern part of the state of Alaska and it has many tributaries. These incredible tributaries are excellent habitats for king salmon. Surprisingly, you can find here many salmon fish species, including chinook.

The waters here are crystal clear and its source is in Chugach national forest and more specifically the Kenai Lake. This is a very beautiful place as it combines incredible snowy mountains and the long clear blue Kenai river.

The place is really easy to access because you can reach it by plane. There are many charter flights for the Kenai Municipal Airport. Moreover, you can find here hundreds of fishing lodges that offer accommodation and we can ensure you that you will experience unforgettable fishing moments.

If you are interested in that place we would like to recommend some top fishing lodges that offer many multifaceted holiday combos. If you are ready for lodging, please take a look at some lodges below. You can combine your holidays with multiple fishing packages that not only offer great facilities, but are also really affordable.


  1. Great Alaska Lodge

Great Alaska Lodge

Photo Credit:

  1. Kenai River Lodge

Kenai River Lodge

Photo Credit:  Kenai River Lodge

  1. Drifters Kenai Lodge

Drifters Kenai Lodge

Photo Credit: Drifters Lodge



If you want, you can find more Anchorage Information on Wikipedia.

Anchorage has the most productive waters all over the US. Multiple streams and tributaries are housing tons of chinook. It is definitely worth to spend some time fishing in the ship creek tributary.

Ship Creek fishing short video:



Moreover, there are several large rivers like the Knik River or the Susitna River. These locations are the most popular fisheries and they offer great opportunities for king salmon fishing. Emphasis should be laid on the fact that the rivers and streams here are quite shallow.

Consequently, you can try fly fishing which is the best fishing technique for these clear shallow waters. Furthermore, you can reach this beautiful place from the Merrill Field Airport which is 1.6 miles away from Anchorage.

Additionally, it is obvious that Anchorage is well-known for the extraordinary fishing lodges. They are established in ideal places for king salmon fishing spots and accommodate hundreds of guest. After searching the net and asking some king salmon enthusiasts, we would like to present you the most popular lodges.

  1. Wilderness Place lodge

Wilderness Place lodge

Photo Credit: The Fly Shop


  1. Wildman Lodge Alaska

Here you experience both king salmon fishing and wildlife viewing.



Homer Alaska by


Photo Credit: Pexels 


Surprisingly, here you can go for king salmon fishing all year long because it is next to the Pacific Ocean. You may know this place as the “Halibut Fishing Capital of the World”. As we already mentioned, king salmon live a part of their life in the Ocean where they feed on small fish.

Consequently, this unique part of the Alaska State, will give you a great opportunity to catch some king of the kings, chinook! In addition, you can rent a boat in order to go whale watching. Many anglers would agree that it is the greatest place to explore the great outdoors.

The Anchor River is the most productive River of the area as it has numerous of king salmon. People visit the anchor River from all over the US, just experience some wonderful fishing moments. The area has many charters from the Homer Airport.

What is not to love? Nature designed an extraordinary scenic that definitely deserves a place on the list with the best Alaska King Salmon fishing locations. If you are impressed by our description and you are ready for a adventurous fishing trip, kindly check the links below.

  1. Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge
  2. Within the Wild Lodge
  3. Highliner Lodge

Fishing Tackle for King Salmon

King Salmon can be pursued by three basic techniques, spinning, fly-fishing and trolling from a boat or kayak.

For the spinning technique you will definitely need a spinning rod with action weight 15-30 lbs. and medium action for better control. The suitable length is 2.30m-2.90m and the best material is carbon.

However, what is a rod without a reel? Nothing! You should mount a spinning reel on the rod (size 3000-5000) with mono or braided line 0.30mm. As far as lures are concerned, jerkbaits, spinnerbaits and topwater lures (popper or lipless) work excellent.

Tip: We would like to inform you that light colors work better if you are fishing during the day and dark colors are ideal for night fishing.

Fly-fishing is a delicate fishing technique. Consequently, you will need a fly rod 2-3m. with light action. Moreover, attach a fly reel N.2500. It is scientifically proven that king salmon prefer colorful lures-flies because they are attracted by the odd appearance.

The trolling rod is proximate 10lbs. attached on a multiplier reel N.3000-4000 loaded with monofilament fishing line. It would be a good idea to use invisible fluorocarbon leaders which will not scare off the fish.

Fishing License

Finally, if you are planning a fishing trip, you should keep in mind that you will need a fishing license. Furthermore, for king salmon fishing you will need a special license which is affordable, 20$ per day or 35$ for three days.

However, you should not worry about this. Check the link below. The most important thing is to enjoy your fishing trip.

You will find further information here.

Are you Ready for Chinook Fishing? Let’s go lodging!

Alaska is certainly a magic world which nature created for the King of The Kings, King Salmon. If you haven’t visited Alaska before, we would like to encourage you to pack your fishing tackle and catch the first plane for Homer, Anchorage or Kenai.

The fishing world is incredible for you and for you family and is waiting to be discovered. Hopefully, we were able to reveal some secrets of the wonderful King Salmon fishing world. Thank you for reading! If you like our article, please share it or leave a message in the comment box!


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