Looking for the best waterproof backpack that won’t let you down? There is huge difference between waterproof and water resistant daypack, and sometimes the former won’t cut it. No matter if you are hiking, biking, kayaking or just traveling you will find a perfect pack that will keep your camera and cell phone completely dry.


The Best Waterproof backpacks and complete buyers guide

An increased number of urban city type of people find spare time to escape and venture outdoors to relax and forget their busy daily schedules. Trips in nature are ideal for relaxation and health, so we ask you – what is your excuse for not going? Loads of fresh air, colorful scenery and the soothing sound of peacefulness are only just a few reasons why you should take a break from the crowded city streets.

Before you make the first step, you should pick your outdoor activity type and get the appropriate gear and equipment. For packing food and other necessities, and if you want to completely protect your supplies from weather conditions, dust or water, then you need to grab a 100% waterproof backpack.

If you’re in a hurry, check out the Diamond Candy Bag: It’s a versatile and high capacity pack which is perfect for various activities. Made out of high quality materials, this bag deserves to be our definitive pick.

Let’s take a look at the product comparison we tested and reviewed this year to save you the trouble of going through a massive list of products on the market. Don’t forget to read the buyer’s guide later on, it will save you hours of research.

Top 10 Comparison Chart

Product Image:
Main Feature:
Our Rating:

Diamond Candy bag small image

Diamond Candy

Multipurpose and useful for outdoor travel, hiking, trekking, camping
Aqua Quest Himal small image

Aqua Quest Himal

Ideal for casual everyday wearing and excellent for outdoor use and foldable
Aqua Quest Stylin small image

Aqua Quest Stylin

Versatile for both casual and outdoor use with high quality materials
$$-$$$ (Varies)
Chaos Ready small image

Chaos Ready

Submersible and floating design and Perfect for use in all weather conditions
BackSak Sak Gear small image

BackSak Sak Gear

Suitable for use in all weather conditions and climates
ZBRO Waterproof Dry Bag small image

ZBRO Waterproof Dry Bag

Great design with complete waterproofing
Mountain Hardwear Scrambler small image

Mountain Hardwear Scramble

Plenty of useful storage space and carrying hook attachments on the outside
DryCASE Masonboro small image

DryCASE Masonboro

Completely submergible and suitable for use in water
ORICSSON Lightweight bag small image

ORICSSON Lightweight Bag

Offers plenty of useful inner and outer storage space
Phantom Aquatics Walrus small image

Phantom Aquatics Walrus

Perfect for water sports and high humidity environments

Why didn’t we include MATMO Waterproof Students Bag in our list?

The main reasons that this backpack cannot get our recommendation at all is its poor reliability and low-quality fabric. Our findings were similar to those of the rest of dissatisfied customers who find out the hard way how easy this rucksack rips and tears open. Here are the main reasons.

  • Poor quality fabric material
  • Rips and tears everywhere
  • No water resistance at all
  • Uncomfortable to wear
  • High price for such a low-quality product
MATMO Waterproof Bag product image

So basically, by buying this product, you will be, in fact, wasting your money. We are surprised that MATMO’s product quality control checks ultimately failed in this case. How they let such a poor backpack reach the market is beyond us.

Either way, our recommendation is to steer clear from this product and save your money and your nerves and look elsewhere. We reviewed so many high-quality rucksacks so you should check those out instead.

Our Top Picks Reviewed

Diamond Candy Outdoor Hiking Backpack

Are you looking for a versatile and reasonable capacity everyday backpack? Perhaps you should consider Diamond Candy Outdoor Hiking model that is all weatherproof and ideal for traveling, trekking, hiking, and camping. With a streamlined design that is comfortable to wear and high-quality materials all around, this is a piece of gear that you want to have at all times when heading outdoors.


  • 40 Liters of internal storage carrying capacity
  • Contracted design makes it perfect for everyday use
  • Uses high strength zinc alloy zipper for secure seal
  • Breathable mesh and inner filling soft interlayer cushioning
  • Shock absorption, air cushion, back and waist areas
  • Low weight pressure to the body at maximum carrying weight
  • Measures 21,7 x 13,8 x 9,8 inches (55 x 35 x 25 cm)
  • Can be used for outdoor travel, hiking, trekking, camping
image of Diamond Candy 40L bag with editors' choice banner

With a total of 40 Liters of capacity, it will be more than enough to hold most of the gear and small equipment anywhere you go. We found it equally great for everyday use and even when we were out shopping. With this internal volume of storage space, you will be able to pack all of your necessities when heading out for camping or hiking.

While we wish that a waterproof backpack cover came along in the retail package – we still found that the internal space is dry even in the pouring rain. As long as you ensure that all of the zippers are completely closed and locked into end position – you won’t have to worry about anything that’s inside getting wet. While the standalone weather resistance is great on its own – with the cover – you add a complete seal that will protect your gear against all harsh outdoor conditions.

The inner section features plenty of smart and useful compartments and storage sections for either smaller or larger equipment, clothing, and smaller accessories. There is valuable space even on the outer sides where a stretchable mesh can hold water bottles, electronic gadgets or flashlights. We often carried our laptops and tablets on our daily commute since the padding keeps anything that’s inside the rucksack safe from shocks and damage.

The thoughtful design makes carrying it loaded to full capacity an entirely pain-free experience. The streamlined construction with air cushioning for the waist, back and chest provide lots of comfort even when you are out trekking on a rocky trail or even when you are bouncing around uneven terrain. The smart distribution of shock-absorbing sections reduces the stress on the body even when you use the maximum 40 L capacity.


  • High-quality materials
  • Multipurpose
  • High storage capacity
  • Comfortable
  • Useful inner and outer compartments


  • Waterproof backpack rain cover sold separately
  • Fragile plastic buckles

Diamond Candy achieves lots of good things while coming short with just a few insignificant points. Its overall versatility makes this a portable storage that you will be able to carry any day and not only when you take trips to explore the wild.

Don’t forget to check out our tactical backpack guide if you want more options.

Aqua Quest Himal 20L Lightweight

Are you looking for a hardcore all-weather backpack that will never let you down? You need to carry lots of gear through all kinds of harsh weather and keep them dry and safe from damage? With Aqua Quest’s Himal 20 Liter Dry Bag you need not look any further anymore.


  • 100 percent water, snow, dust, dirt, mud and sand proof
  • Featuring durable 70D RipStop fabric with TPU lamination
  • Double bar tacked stress points and heat taped seams for durability
  • Separate outer zip pocket for easy access and more convenience
  • Features Air-Mesh back panel for comfort and sweat free carrying
  • Fully contoured and adjustable shoulder, chest and hip straps
  • Fully reflective front panel for low light and night time visibility
  • Can be used for outdoor travel, hiking, trekking, camping, skiing, and kayaking
  • Lightweight and foldable design for easy storage when not in use
image of Aqua Quest Himal 20l

With 20 Liters of internal storage capacity, you can expect to store medium size gear and equipment that will always be kept dry no matter the outdoor conditions. The use of long-lasting wear and tear resistant fabric materials ensures the long operating life of the backpack no matter what. With the added outer zip pocket, you will be able to store smaller accessories or perhaps keep wet gear away from the main compartment and vice versa. We must point out that this little outer pocket is ONLY water resistant so you should keep that in mind before storing water sensitive gear.


The central inner space is good enough for carrying several large or plenty of mid to small size pieces of equipment. Whether you want to bring clothes, books, laptops or anything else that fits, you can rest assured that everything will be kept dry and particle free. Once you roll the top opening and fold it in two, the internal storage becomes completely sealed shut which means that this rucksack can even float and survive brief periods of submersion.

The outer surface features a clean look with an additional carrying handle on the front and a medium size zip pocket that protrudes outwards. On the back side, you will find contoured straps with four attachment D-rings and an air-mesh structure that keeps the wearer’s back sweat free during long treks. There is another carrying strap on top and another pair of waist straps on the bottom end.

As for comfort, the excellent balance distribution of this backpack allows easy carrying mostly due to its lower weight carrying rating and a compact size. The straps for both shoulders and waist are comfortable, and we experienced no sweating or heating during long hikes. We like how all straps are adjustable for either loose wearing or tight fits for increased stability on steep terrain.


  • Uses advanced materials for high durability
  • Foldable design allows it to fold for easy storage
  • Completely water, dust, dirt, mud, and sand proof inner storage space
  • Ideal for casual everyday wearing and excellent for outdoor use
  • Comfortable even when loaded to maximum capacity
  • Affordable price for such a quality product
  • Two years “No Worries Warranty.”


  • Smaller volume capacity might not suit everyone
  • Uses a Velcro flap for top sealing
  • Low-quality front zipper

There is plenty to like about Aqua Quest Himal 20L Backpack and it starts to grow on you the more you use it. If you don’t need lots of carrying capacity and need an excellent and reliable dry bag, this model is a great choice for both everyday use and longer outdoor excursions.

Aqua Quest Stylin 30L

Aqua Quest Stylin, 30 Liter Backpack, targets not only active outdoor adventurers but also everyday commuters and students. It boasts an attractive looking design, lots of practicality and high-quality materials that can stand up to everyday wear and tear. Its generous interior capacity allows its wearer to carry almost any type and size of equipment.


  • 100 percent waterproof construction even allows short periods of submersion
  • Uses 420D Ripstop fabric with TPU lamination and DWR coating
  • Double bar tacked stress points and heat taped seams for durability
  • Features Air-Mesh back panel for comfort and sweat free carrying
  • Fully contoured and adjustable shoulder, chest and hip straps
  • Fully reflective front panel for low light and night time visibility
  • Can be used for outdoor travel, hiking, skiing, trekking, camping, everyday commuting
  • Full protection against rain, snow, dirt, dust or sand
image of Aqua Quest Stylin 30L

There are plenty of backpacks on the market intended for outdoor adventures, and yet few are equally versatile for everyday use. Even fewer get advertised for school and college use, and we are glad to tell you that Aqua Quest Styling 30L goes against this tradition. With it, you will be able to carry books, tablets, and laptops with complete certainty that no rain will get in contact with internal bag storage.

With 30 Liters of the main interior compartment, this backpack will be a great companion for trekking, climbing or camping activities too. Such a large volume space is ideal for carrying laptops, notebooks, and other items that high school and college students will appreciate for everyday commuting. The outer front zipper bag is ONLY water resistant and offers quick access to commonly used smaller size accessories.

For challenges of frequent usage either in daily or occasional outdoor activity, the extremely damage resistant 420D RipStop fabric should provide adequate durability. The strengthened double bar points are there to ensure further no ripping occurs on the backpack spots that support carrying weight. Even the seams got the heat taped treatment so that no fabric failure happens while you’re out in the field.

For added comfort and also better weight distribution, the inner side is covered with ergonomic cushioning that provides support for the wearer’s back. It also wraps around waist and hip area of the body and contours to the shape, so you will have no discomfort issues even when carrying the full capacity load. The air-mesh back panel allows free airflow which means no sweat or pain ever occurs even during long haul trips. The straps are angled, nicely padded and just as comfortable during wearing.


  • Uses advanced materials for high durability
  • Completely water, dust, dirt, mud, and sand proof inner storage space
  • Versatile for both casual and outdoor use
  • Comfortable even when loaded to maximum capacity
  • Features a large reflective patch for excellent low light visibility
  • Two years “No Worries Warranty.”


  • Higher price
  • No water bladder
  • No separate inner compartments

There is plenty of versatility of Aqua Quest’s Stylin 30L that every user can appreciate. If the premium price isn’t an obstacle for you, in return you will get a backpack that performs flawlessly in any situation.

BackSak 500D PVC, 35L with Welded Seams

With 35 Liters of capacity, BackSak’s backpack will keep anything inside of it water free and protected from impacts and damage. This large carrying storage bag can store even bigger pieces of equipment and thanks to some of the smart features, everything inside can be neatly packed for maximum stability and carrying comfort. With lots of colorful and tactical designs to choose from, anyone can find a perfect looking model for their usage scenario.


  • 35 Liters of total internal volume carrying capacity
  • 100 Percent Waterproof Seals protect even from snow, sleet, mud, dirt, dust, and sand
  • Built using 500D PVC with extra sturdy welded seams
  • Padding for the back support and cushioning on straps for maximum comfort
  • Plenty of convenient storage pockets and attachment rings
  • Two separate large internal zippered protective pockets
  • Low light reflective patch for nighttime high visibility
  • Lifetime warranty and free returns
  • Can be used for everyday commuting, skiing, outdoor travel, hiking, trekking, camping, kayaking
image of BackSak Sak Gear

With 35 Liters of available carrying capacity, this backpack will meet the requirements of both long-distance trekkers and campers that like to bring quite a lot of gear on their outdoor trips. The complete waterproofing keeps internal compartments and outer zippered pockets free from liquid induced damage whether it is from rainy weather or full on water submersion. With a sleek looking design this will be a great daily commuting bag and a spacious shopping backpack.

The large internal space provides plenty of room for large equipment, and you can neatly stuff lots of it. The 6 x 8 inches smaller inner pocket can be used to store tablets and phones and keep it from getting in contact with other rugged gear. Even when you store wet clothes, the inner pocket keeps your smaller accessories completely dry.

The outer side of the rucksack features splash proof zippered pockets for smaller things like flashlights, flints, keys or ID cards. The top can be rolled over to both make a watertight seal and also create a convenient carry handle when the buckles get closed. The side D-rings are perfect for hikers and climbers that want to attach gear for quick access and use. Also, you can use the convenient loops for water bottle carrying too.

The generous number of padded surfaces on the back area provide comfort especially when it gets loaded to full 35L capacity. The arm straps have a decent amount of cushioning to ease stress and distribute weight pressure. Comfort wise, this backpack will never leave you feeling burdened nor induce discomfort and pain even on longer periods of time of wearing it.


  • Completely water and particle proof backpack
  • 35 Liters of carrying capacity covers most of the outdoor gear
  • Excellent build quality materials
  • Good number of pockets and attachment rings
  • Suitable for use in all weather conditions and climates
  • Ideal for everyday commutes
  • Affordable price for such feature set


  • Small surface of the reflective patch
  • Bulky size when loaded to full capacity
  • Back padding induces sweat

If you like or need to carry lots of gear on your outdoor adventure trips, then BackSak’s 35L pack will suit you just fine. Complete waterproofing with a good number of pockets and attachments is great when you need to bring lots of equipment and gear and wear it comfortably.

Chaos Ready Quality Heavy Duty Bag

Durable, class 3 water, dust, sand and dirt proof and affordable price are only some of the features of Chaos Ready Bag. For outdoor adventurers that do not spare themselves nor their gear in the harshest of conditions, this might prove to be a perfect backpack choice. With a lifetime guarantee and use of sophisticated build materials, this is a carry storage that will most likely never let its wearer down.


  • 22 Liters of useful inner storage volume capacity
  • 100 percent Class 3 waterproof main internal compartment
  • Central compartment completely protected from water, dust, sand, and dirt
  • Made using heavy duty 500 PVC Tarpaulin
  • High frequency welded seams for unmatched durability
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance materials
  • Two sides and one front easy access pockets
  • Measures 12 in width and 24 inches in depth (30 cm x 64 cm)
  • Can be used for outdoor travel, hiking, trekking, camping, kayaking, swimming
  • Lifetime warranty included
image of Chaos Ready

When you do not need to carry much and need maximum protection against elements, 22 Liters of carrying capacity Chaos Ready backpack will keep your essentials dry and protected from damage. The use of high durability materials ensures that it will endure rough terrain and abuse in all situations. You can take it in subzero temperatures, arid climate, high altitude climbs occasional dives without worrying about it failing. Not many backpacks can boast with such an impressive versatility for different use scenarios.

The inner space offers an adequate amount of room to store medium size gear that can vary from cameras to clothing. Don’t count on carrying shock-sensitive equipment as this internal space offers no vibration absorption features. You can rely on internal main compartment to stay dry at all and in any outdoor weather conditions, no matter how harsh it can get.

On the outside, you will have lots of useful storage space in the form of two big side mesh pockets and one large front compartment. These will come in handy for keeping your wet gloves, maps or any other compact size gear secure and ready for quick use. We only wish that the side pockets were just a tad larger than they are since these can only star smaller size water bottles.

The top folding system that enables waterproof seal closes with a buckle that once locked also acts as a handle grip. The top of the straps feature reinforced seams, and we like that they are not overly padded as this makes them more flexible and comfortable. The whole backpack adjusts shape according to the wearer’s body which distributes the weight load for easier and painless carrying.


  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Complete water, dust, dirt, and sand protection
  • Submersible and floating design
  • Extremely durable high-quality materials
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Perfect for use in all weather conditions


  • Average internal volume capacity
  • Thin shoulder straps
  • Side mesh pockets not as durable

While there are other types of out there with larger weight rating, Chaos Ready model is a good alternative for users that do not pack lots of bulky gear. It’s waterproof Class 3 prowess is unmatched by the competition which makes it ideal for kayakers, surfers, and regular beach visitors.

ZBRO with 2 Pockets, Padded Straps, and Reflective Stripe

One of the most affordable ones the market, ZBRO’s model offers nearly same functionality as other more expensive backpacks on the market. It is is a multipurpose storage bag that will keep your gear dry even when it’s completely submerged underwater.


  • Available in 20 Liter and 30 Liter capacity
  • 100 percent water and dust proof design
  • Plenty of inner and outer storage compartments
  • High visibility low light reflective stripe
  • Versatile external mesh pocket
  • Thick strap padding for added comfort
  • Measures 9.5 x 17.5 inches (20L model), 9.5 x 20 inches (30L model)
  • Can be used for outdoor travel, hiking, trekking, camping, kayaking, swimming
  • Comes with a Lifetime Warranty
image of ZBRO Waterproof Dry Bag

We tested the 30 Liters storage capacity model and were surprised at what you get for a very affordable price. It is a backpack that will endure all types of harsh weather conditions and keep your precious things safe at all times. It’s great that it works equally well in everyday usage scenarios and we often took it on daily commutes and shopping trips.

The inner bag design offers space where you will easily fit cameras, clothes and even large devices like drones, laptops, and tablets. The included removable inner pocket is useful for storing smaller things and accessories like keys, flints or cell phones. The external storage pocket is not waterproof at all so you should keep that in mind if you want to gear on the outside of the rucksack.

The outer surface features a big mesh storage pocket which can be size regulated with a bungee cord for a tighter hold of gear and equipment. Just over the pocket, there is a high visibility low light reflective stripe for nighttime awareness and emergency situations. The top side is the place where you’ll find the carrying handle and the folding section that provides tight water seal and connects to the straps.

The padded straps can be extended to a maximum of 50 inches in length and tighten down to only 26 inches for more carrying stability. These straps are not that great on longer hiking trips, especially if you aren’t wearing thick clothes. Because of its compact size, ZBRO Dry Bag is not that comfortable to wear, and it also doesn’t adapt to the shape of the body. We only wish that there were waist straps included that would provide more stability and comfort, especially on longer outdoor trips.


  • Large capacity and compact size
  • Great design with complete waterproofing
  • Low light high-visibility reflective stripe
  • Thick strap padding
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Affordable price


  • Few separate inner and outer storage compartments
  • Straps are not too comfortable
  • Lacks outer ring attachments and side pockets

If you are looking for a dry bag with straps on it, then you should consider getting this ZBRO’s model. For those of you that don’t need the missing functionality, this is a very reliable and affordable backpack for every day carrying and occasional outdoor adventures.

Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 30L

With an upgrade in design, Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 30 Liter Backpack tries to improve the already successful formula that made the original model an ideal companion outdoor carry bag. This customer favorite offers plenty of internal room for gear that hikers, climbers, skiers or everyday commuters would like to have handy. Let us explore this updated model and go into more details on what new features it introduces to potential customers.


  • 30 Liters of internal storage carrying capacity
  • 100 percent waterproof and weatherproof
  • Tear resistant 400D HD 100% Nylon backpack body material
  • HardWear Tarp 18 – 100% polyester back with TPU lamination
  • HardWave suspension and padded shoulder straps for added carrying comfort
  • Features reinforced grab handles for secure grip
  • Onboard carry loops for attaching gear and equipment
  • Measures 15.8 x 3.9 x 13.8 inches (40 x 10 x 35 cm)
  • Can be used for outdoor travel, hiking, trekking, camping, skiing, swimming
image of Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 30L

With 30 Liters of internal storage capacity that is also completely water and weather proof, you will be able to keep your valuable equipment dry no matter where you go. The updated construction design features plenty of smart add-ons that make the life easier for a more demanding outdoor enthusiast. If you pack lots of electronic and sensitive equipment in addition to your heavy duty gear, this rucksack will be a perfect match for your activities no matter where you go.

Internal carrying capacity is split into two storage areas that feature padding for enhanced damage and shock protection. 30 Liters of internal storage space offers more than enough room to let you pack cameras, food, clothes and any electronic devices such as laptops or tablets. We like the included water bladder compartment that most of the hikers and trekkers visiting arid regions will appreciate most of all.

The outer surface consists of two deep side pockets for big size bottles, a reinforced carry handle at the top where you will also find the rope strap. The updated design introduces useful additions in the form of carrying loops. Climbers, skiers, and trekkers will love this functionality as it will enable them to attach ice axes or trekking poles for easier carrying.

With the included suspension system that seamlessly adjusts to the contours of the wearer’s body, this backpack distributes weight equally to lessen the burden. There is padding all around the straps, and you can also attach the included webbing belt if you need more carrying stability. The improved side compression straps provide plenty of sweat-free comfort when wearing it to full capacity.


  • Complete water and dust proof protection for internal storage
  • High quality and durability Nylon shell
  • 35 Liters of carrying capacity is more than adequate for most users
  • Plenty of useful storage space and carrying hook attachments on the outside
  • HardWave suspension system distributes weight for comfortable carrying
  • Included inner water sleeve for easy hydration when outdoors


  • High price
  • Not that great for everyday commutes
  • Uses drawstring for top closing

The Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 30L model offers lots of versatility with its wide variety of climber-oriented features. It is ideal for all kinds of outdoor activity, and it performs without a hitch which is not surprising from a premium price product.

DryCASE Masonboro

Masonboro Backpack is the ideal choice for active water sports athletes and outdoor enthusiasts that are likely to get wet on kayaking, hiking, climbing, trekking or camping trips. With a couple of neat tricks up its sleeve, this model manages to impress with its functionality. It also separates it from most of the competition and places it in the enthusiast and professionals segment of the market for outdoor gear.


  • 35 Liters of internal storage carrying capacity
  • 100 percent waterproof main compartment design
  • Gadwall marine-grade technology
  • Made of high-quality marine grade waterproof vinyl material
  • Features two-way valve for air inflation/compression
  • Lots of inner and outer pockets and storage compartments
  • Padded Shoulder Straps, Waist, Hip and Lower Back Support
  • Measures 24 x 18 x 18 inches (61 x 46 x 46 cm)
  • Can be used for outdoor travel, hiking, trekking, camping, kayaking, swimming
image of DryCASE Masonboro

With 35 Liters of completely waterproof storage capacity, Masonboro backpack is high weight carrying storage perfect for kayakers, swimmers, and trekkers who aren’t afraid to get wet. While it excels for outdoor activity action use, it can still be ideal for everyday commutes. The large size will allow you to store even larger scale equipment and still be able to fit in an airplane cabinet compartment.

The barebones inner storage space of the rucksack offers lots of flexibility for carrying large things, but you should be aware that there are no holders that will keep your equipment locked in place. Even greater size laptops will fit comfortably with plenty of room to spare. On the outside, one side storage pocket allows carrying water bottles while the front zippered mesh allows storing wet gear.

The unique feature that enables a 100% water and weather proof backpack design is the two-way purge valve. With it, users can either compress or inflate the back, to reduce the overall size or make it float on the surface of the water. Once you fold the top cover and use the air valve – you effectively seal the main inner compartment and prevent damage from water, dust, sand or dirt.

Carrying DryCase Masonboro is a very relaxed and comfortable experience even when we load it to its full capacity. Thanks to the padded shoulder and waist straps – you will easily be able to carry it for longer periods of time without signs of fatigue. The smart strap system distributes weight more efficiently and offers full support for lower back, waist, and shoulders.


  • Professional grade quality and functionality
  • Completely waterproof and dustproof main compartment
  • Large dry volume capacity
  • Completely submergible and suitable for use in water
  • Double strap back support for efficient weight distribution


  • Only one waterproof storage space
  • No internal structure separation
  • Expensive

DryCASE Masonboro is, in our minds, more of a high-quality dry bag with straps on it than anything else. If you can get over no inner storage separation and a bit higher price tag, in return, you will be getting a submersible backpack that will keep your stuff free from water, dust, and dirt.

ORICSSON Unisex Rated 35L Durable Lightweight Foldable Backpack

Are you looking for an exceptional day-to-day worthy backpack that you can still come handy for brief camping and hiking trips? If you haven’t already, we strongly advise that you read about ORICSSON’s Unisex 35L Foldable model. It certainly managed to impress us with its great functionality, easy to fold and pack design and an impressive lifetime warranty.


  • Water resistant easy to fold design
  • Made out of tear resistant high-quality nylon material
  • Features two-way SBS abrasion resistant all metal zippers
  • Enhanced stress points for durability
  • Lots of inner and outer storage compartments
  • All around padding for weight stress relief and support
  • Comfortable, breathable mesh straps for sweat-free carrying
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Measures 19x13x8.2 inches (unfolded), 6.29×5.90×2 inches (folded)
  • Can be used for outdoor travel, hiking, trekking, camping
image of ORICSSON Durable Lightweight bag

We are very pleased with the overall design of this very convenient backpack. When unfolded, from a very easy to store and carry compact size, to an impressive 35 Liter carrying storage, this ORICSSON’s model offers incredible convenience. This standout feature makes it a must for shopping trips especially for those of you that don’t like carrying separate bags along. And when you’re not using it you just fold it, and it fits in your purse or a large trouser pocket.

Featuring plenty of small and medium size inner and outer pockets allow for storage of all kinds of accessories and gear – no matter the size. The big internal space is perfect for laptops, gas stoves or clothes while the smaller pockets offer secure storage for cell phones, keys or energy bars. Two outer side position mesh pockets stretch out to fit medium size water bottles and two front zipper pockets that can hold tablets or paper documents.

The use of synthetic nylon materials makes it very durable and resistant to damage. It is almost impossible to tear which makes it perfect for outdoor trips over rugged terrain where it can stand to punishment and rough handling. Being only water resistant, it will do a good job keeping your equipment and gear safe from rain or snow.

Comfort wise, this is a nice to carry backpack even when it is filled up to its maximum 35 Liter volume rating. The adjustable straps create a secure fit and with their breathable material structure keep the air flowing which prevents sweating on longer trips. The inner sponge padding on the shoulder areas eases the stress on the back and neck when you carry lots of gear for extended periods.


  • Great design with lots of color choices
  • Foldable construction makes it easy to carry and store
  • Offers plenty of useful inner and outer storage space
  • Durable to tearing damage
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Very affordable


  • Provides no full protection from heavy rain
  • Made out of fragile nylon material
  • Rain backpack cover is a must for outdoor activity

ORICSSON Unisex 35L Foldable Backpack offers plenty of convenience and functionality at a great price point. Once you pair it with a waterproof rain cover, you turn it into a real outdoor adventure-ready carrying storage. It can also come in handy as a bug out bag due to its size and high quality fabrics.

Phantom Aquatics Walrus 25L Premium

Outdoor enthusiast that not only occasionally like to get in contact with water but on the contrary – prefer it – will like Phantom Aquatics Walrus Backpack. This model is completely waterproof and safely floats on the surface of the water even when filled to maximum capacity. It comes packed with plenty of smart features that make it stand out from the rest of the competition.


  • 25 Liters of internal storage carrying capacity
  • 100% waterproof design with a roll-top closing mechanism
  • Dust, sand, dirt, and shock proof with a two-way sealing system
  • Features a Unique High Frequency welded construction
  • Reflective patches on the outer surface for safety and high low light visibility
  • Back panel features air-flow design for added comfort
  • Measures 3,5 x 10,6 x 19,2 inches (9 x 27 x 49 cm)
  • Perfect for use in wet and humid outdoor conditions
image of Phantom Aquatics Walrus 25

First and foremost, when it comes to carrying capacity, Phantom Aquatics Walrus offers a modest 25 Liters of inner storage volume. While it may seem small, this volume offers complete protection against penetration of water, dust, sand or dirt to the inner space of the dry bag. Unlike most of the other similar products out there, this model will keep your things safe from any weather or environment induced damage.

It is a compact size backpack that still offers smart positioning of inner pockets and holders to accommodate expensive electronic equipment or anything else that you want to keep dry and protected. Inside there is plenty of room for your phone, tablet, survival and any other type of outdoor gear. The best thing about this product is that it is great to have with you in the case of an emergency thanks to its exceptional sealing properties.

Considering the smaller capacity of the internal space, we must point out that the outer section is missing some standard carrying features. The drawstring storage is simply not enough to provide support for bottles, bigger equipment, and accessories. We feel that the outside of this rucksack is a bit lacking and doesn’t feature useful space.

Carrying it around is a pleasant and comfortable experience mostly because of the great air-flow design that reduces sweat and heat induced discomfort. The padding on the straps and surfaces that come in contact with your back relieve pressure significantly. The buckles in combination with adjustable straps allow you to create a tight fit in case you want to run or perhaps swim with this backpack on.


  • 100 percent water, dust, sand and dirt proof
  • Perfect for water sports and high humidity environments
  • Superb build quality and nice looking
  • Comfortable to carry for long periods of time
  • Affordable price


  • Small storage capacity
  • Few inner pockets and compartments
  • No outer storage spaces
  • Not so practical for everyday use

Phantom Aquatics Walrus is an ideal choice backpack for those of you who often find yourselves in very wet conditions. It’s great if you don’t need to carry lots of your gear and equipment that needs to stay dry.

person standing in front of a lake and wearing waterproof gear

Waterproof Backpack Buying Guide – What You Need to Know

Quick shifting weather conditions have become more common in the last couple of decades which means that it will get from sunny to stormy surprisingly fast and leave you and your gear completely soaked in water. With latest fabrication advancements, no one should allow themselves to be content with outdoor equipment that isn’t waterproof. When you carry hundreds or thousands of dollars’ worth of gear you expect two things when you buy a backpack – damage and weather protection.

There are plenty of outdoor gear manufacturers that falsely advertise their products when it comes to water protection levels, so our short guide will brief you to learn to differentiate low quality outdoor carrying equipment from the high end one. With so many water resistant only backpacks on the market there are plenty of unsatisfied customers that got fooled by false marketing and left them with destroyed expensive gear. So, let us explore what you should be looking and how to know which type of bags you ought to be looking for to get maximum protection when you step out into the field and face the unpredictable weather and challenging terrain.

The History of waterproof technology

Material waterproofing is a process of making the material structure resistant to the penetration of water molecules through the weave structure under certain conditions. There is a BIG difference between waterproof and water-resistant materials since the latter only partially prevents ingress of liquid through the material structure only to some extent. Once the fabric is made to be fully waterproof – it stays dry on the inside in all types of usage scenarios no matter the outside factors and conditions.

In ancient times people used all kinds of clever tricks to keep their clothes dry. The first examples used oils and tree rubber that was fused with the weaving of the fabric to make sure the water never passes the outer layer. Later and more modern waterproofing advancements used natural plant oil and even wax to create garments that could stand up to torrents of rain and protect the wearer completely.

Today we have clothing and equipment that allow “breathing” where liquid never passes the outer layer and yet the wearer never gets sweaty or hot because the inner layer allows body heat and moisture to escape outside.

Different types of water resistant fabrics

There are many types of water resistant materials and they are defined and differentiated by their ability to repel water in various aggregate states. Modern rain resistant fabrics use polyurethane, polypropylene, polyester, acrylic, vinyl and even fiberglass. Cotton is still a common material used for making water repelling clothes and gear although synthetics outperform it in both performance and cost.

The abundance of oil byproduct materials that are leftover products from its processing introduced the world to cheap and easy to manufacture materials that offer so many benefits for everyday use. This plastic and synthetic rubber based materials provide complete water impermeability that keeps the wearer completely dry in very wet outdoor conditions. Such materials are easy and cheap to make which means the gear and clothes get to be more affordable and accessible. Synthetic fabric is much more wear and tear resistant, and that ensures longer durability that is ideal for use in harsh outdoor environments.

Woman in the nature with a rucksack

What is considered “Waterproof” – Definition

As we already stated above, the definition of waterproofing in materials depends on the ability to repel water up to a certain degree. Some manufacturers often abuse the term to sell products. Of course, this is true under certain conditions although as such the term “waterproof” must not be exclusively used at all. Such gear should carry the label that states it as being “water resistant” only.

When you buy a bag that’s waterproof, you can expect total protection of internal storage space from liquid and condensate form of water. It ensures that your expensive gear stored inside stays dry even under extreme conditions that might include short periods of underwater submersion. It’s crucial when you carry electronic devices, clothes, and gear that help you start a fire like flints and lighters.

Another advantage of these bags for that matter is that they’re also completely particle proof too. It means that not even dust, sand, dirt or mud will be able to get inside of the storage compartment. If you are looking for complete protection for the equipment and accessories that you’re carrying – going for these products might be your best and only reasonable choice.

Water resistant

This term is used to define the basic ability of any material to ensure resistance from water permeability through its surface, under certain conditions. Usually, this means keeping the water in the liquid state away from penetrating the outer fabrics layer. After a repelling factor of the structure is exceeded – water can still pass through.

Weather Resistant

Weather-resistant materials used on gear and clothes ensure that the wearer is kept safe from the influence of severe weather conditions. It means that some level of protection keeps the rain or cold from getting on the inside. Materials used for making weather resistant gear ensure that the wearer can withstand even the worst possible weather conditions.

100% Waterproof

Also known and advertised as total water resistance, fabrics used for making 100 percent waterproof gear ensure that no amount of liquids or particles can penetrate the outer surface of the material. Usually, such gear can be submerged and still prevent any ingress of water. Only clothes and gear with this label provide full protection from water in any form of its aggregate state under any conditions.

man wearing a large pack

Backpack Sizes

When it comes to packing size, they are available based on carrying rating and internal volume capacity to enable the wearer maximum carrying capacity for their specific requirements. Some of them even come with expandability attachments which can increase their usability. Choosing the right size will depend on where you intend to go, what you intend to carry and most importantly, for how long you plan to be away from the nearest supply point.

Essential outdoor backpacks are available from as little as 10 Liters and up to 25 Liters of internal volume space. These sizes are perfect for short trekking trips, mountain biking, and even all-day hikes.

30 to 50 Liter rucksacks are usually useful for several days of outdoor presence. With good food and rations packaging, more experience users can extend their stay for longer periods of time. With these sizes, you can carry sleeping bags and one-person tents too.

For real outdoor enthusiasts, nothing less than 50 L of carrying capacity will suffice. Adventurers that stay for weeks choose between 50 and 100 Liter of carrying capacity for their backpack which allows them to carry plenty of gear and supplies that last for extended periods of time. I love smaller packs to be honest and found one on kickstarter recently and I want one as soon as possible!


You will find it tough to find any pack or clothing intended for outdoor use that doesn’t have some zippers. This simple open and close mechanism allows you to get access to your backpack gear in seconds. The convenient thing about lockable zipping is that it also ensures water resistance too.

Before buying your outdoor backpack, we suggest that you pay attention to the quality and sews and seams around the area where zippers are. These are most likely the areas where water can penetrate the pockets and compartments. When it comes to materials either metal or plastic ones will perform equally great as long as they can be locked in place.

We suggest that it is for the best that you always read customer reviews as there you will most likely find owner’s experience with zipper quality and performance is usually always stated. It is important to note that if you want completely waterproof bag, then you should avoid getting models with zipper pockets and main compartments in general.

Does it Float?

Usually, it is watersport enthusiasts are the ones who are looking for water submersion and floating rating. However, even hikers and climber like to occasionally get their feet wet in a lake or river on their path. Kayakers almost exclusively get only completely waterproof models that can withstand constant water splashes and submersion.

Floating usually needs an amount of trapped air inside the internal compartment so that the backpack achieves buoyancy. For that to happen, the central storage space must have a sealing mechanism that keeps the water out and air in from escaping. With these, you will always be sure that anything you’re carrying remains protected from any outside weather and terrain based conditions.

Man sitting on a hill

How to choose the one that’s for YOU

There is no all-around great waterproof bag for all kinds of usage scenarios and outdoor conditions. While most models perform equally great in any weather, choosing the right one for your intent and purposes must depend on your plans. It is always for the best to buy a purpose made product for the occasion since it will perform the best at the required task.

We must advise against getting universal backpacks that promise ideal performance for many usage scenarios while being at best average in practical use. Always know what you intend to do when you go on your outdoor adventure and prepare accordingly! Taking the wrong carrying container can lead to it failing in situations when you need it the most.

We compiled a list of some of the best completely waterproof bags for the most popular outdoor activities so be sure to read and find out why these excel at their intended usage purposes.

Group of people hiking

For Hiking

Hiking requires plenty of gear that makes the wearer endure through shifting weather conditions and changing terrain. An ideal backpack for hiking that’s waterproof and durable would also have to provide plenty of storage space, attachment rings and of course great weather proofing. With lots of carrying capacity, you will be able to bring all the necessary gear on your hiking trip and in a position to stay for days at a time.
Diamond Candy small image
Our recommendation – Diamond Candy 40L Backpack

Its 40 Liter internal volume allows plenty of useful storage space for all kinds of supplies, gear, and clothes that you might need to carry on your trips. Because of its cushioning structure, it protects anything stored inside from both shocks and vibration. It is also fully weather resistant which means you can take it hiking in all regions of the planet.

For long hiking session over rough terrain, you need a backpack that conforms to your body shapes and stays comfortable to wear. Because of the air cushion gasket on the back, this model never tires you or induces discomfort when worn for extended periods of time. The lower waist sponge structure in combination with waist straps ensures stability while keeping you focused on the path ahead.


  • High-quality materials
  • Multipurpose
  • High storage capacity
  • Comfortable
  • Useful inner and outer compartments


  • Rain cover sold separately
  • Fragile plastic buckles

Diamond Candy Outdoor Hiking Waterproof 40L High-capacity Unisex Travel Backpack is the choice of serious hikers that need a reliable gear storage over any terrain.

Woman Kayaking

For Kayaking

Kayaking is a sport where both man and his equipment push the limits of endurance. It’s an all water sport that requires fast drying equipment that is also completely waterproof. Kayakers often move downstream without coming back up again so they must have a backpack that will keep their clothes and gear dry no matter what.

COR Waterproof Dry Bag small imageOur recommendation – COR Roll-Top Backpack with Padded Laptop Sleeve

This unique 100% waterproof dry bag for kayaking is available in two size choices – 25 or 40 Liter capacity. Depending on how much you carry on your kayaking trips you will get the same functionality with either size you chose. Because they use a roll top sealing, you can opt to get a bigger model, load it with less stuff and still make it as compact as the smaller 25 Liter model.

The main selling point of this awesome waterproof container bag is its complete water protection in brutal conditions for which kayaking is known. Another big point is the interior padded laptop storage and a separate sleeve for cellphones and other small devices or equipment. Of course, you can expect this model to be very comfortable and as expected – it also floats on water.


  • 100 percent floating construction
  • Fully water, dust, dirt, mud, sand and dirt proof
  • Features interior padding to keep equipment safe
  • Separate dry sleeve for cellphones, cameras, and smaller accessories
  • Made out of high durability 500D PVC Tarpaulin
  • Air-mesh padded back and shoulder straps with lumbar support


  • Front zipper leaks if not closed properly
  • Not for use with any other types of outdoor activity

COR the go-to choice for kayakers who want to keep their gear fully protected on their adrenaline filled kayaking excursions.

cycling near the river

For Cycling

While cycling might come to mind for most people as the relaxing fitness activity, it is, in fact, a sport that requires strength, endurance and most of all perseverance. Professional and semi-pro cyclists travel many miles at once, so it’s only natural that they need a backpack for storing and bringing their necessities. Because of the particular usage, most cyclist packs feature smaller carrying capacity and often include an easy to use water storage also known as a water bladder.
WACOOL 7L small image
Our recommendation – WACOOL 7L with a 2 L Hydration Bladder

Coming in three attractive looking and easy to see designs, this is a fantastic rucksack that doesn’t hinder the aerodynamic performance while still allowing them to pack supplies and also carry a water reserve. The stated 2 Liter capacity is in fact for the water bladder which will allow for fast and easy water sips on long sessions without getting off your bike. The bag capacity is 7 Liters which provides plenty of packing options and versatility.

Because of the soft nylon fabric, this is a completely waterproof pack that is equally durable and even more comfortable than some of the bigger models. Because of this and its wider and adjustable chest and shoulder straps, this model is so much comfortable to wear even when fully loaded. The back features an air-flow directing mesh that keeps you cool and sweat free no matter what.


  • Lightweight and compact size
  • 2 Liter full opening bladder
  • Includes a water tube retainer clip
  • Adjustable waist and shoulder straps
  • Plenty of storage compartments
  • Affordable price and high quality


  • Water resistant design only
  • Limited carry capacity

If you are looking for a cyclist backpack for your short to medium time outdoor activity, then WACOOL’s Waterproof Hydration Bladder Pack is an excellent choice as long as you have a rain cover handy.

young student on the campus

For College

Students are known for not paying plenty of attention to their carrying gear so having a durable water-resistant backpack for college that will endure abuse is a must. It must be tear resistant and also durable to wear to some extent. The great thing about these durable models is that they are also equally great and versatile to be useful for short outdoor trips and activity too.
ORICSSON Unisex Rated 35L small image
Our recommendation – ORICSSON Unisex Rated 35L

Available in plenty of interesting color variants and 20 or 35L capacity and size, this fully foldable model is an excellent choice of gear carrying storage space for students. Featuring all-around high-quality fabric and very durable zippers, it will stand up to any wear and tear damage. There are plenty of convenient storage compartments, side pockets and places to store anything ranging from pencils and up to large laptops with ease.

The use of soft, water-resistant nylon means that it is comfortable and great to wear. The straps are fully adjustable and also feature a breathable air-mesh that keeps you cool and sweat free. With a lifetime warranty, this is a backpack that will surely last throughout school and college days.


  • Great design with lots of color choices
  • Foldable construction makes it easy to carry and store
  • Offers plenty of useful inner and outer storage space
  • Durable to tearing damage
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Very affordable


  • Provides no protection from rain and water
  • Made out of thin nylon material
  • Rain backpack cover is a must for outdoor activity

ORICSSON Unisex model is an excellent choice for everyday commuters who are looking for a lightweight and compact size bag that will last for a long time.

snow boarder

For Snow

Traversing terrain covered in snow is one of the most challenging outdoor activities. Anyone who’s ever experienced an intense blizzard knows the damage that snowflakes can leave on both the body and the gear. Having a backpack that will protect your dry clothes, lighters, and food from freezing is a must when you find yourself in the open and without immediate shelter in freezing conditions.
Aqua Quest Stylin 30L small image
Our recommendation – Aqua Quest Stylin 30L

Equally useful for any other type of outdoor activity, this backpack excels in freezing weather where snow becomes a grave threat to the safety of your equipment. Being 100 percent waterproof and made out of 420D RipStop fabric – you will never need to worry about your stuff getting exposed to water or condensation. When fully sealed, this backpack protects its interior contents from anything outside.

The outer surface of the black color model features a huge reflective area which is a must if you are venturing during winter months over any snow-covered area. There are additional reflective stripes on the very comfortable straps, and all those are an advantage in low light and search and rescue situations. The maximum visibility of this backpack makes it ideal for night trekking and hiking too.


  • Uses advanced materials for high durability
  • Completely water, dust, dirt, mud, and sand proof inner storage space
  • Versatile for both casual and outdoor use
  • Comfortable even when loaded to maximum capacity
  • Features a large reflective patch for excellent low light visibility
  • Two years “No Worries Warranty.”


  • Higher price
  • No water bladder
  • No separate inner compartments

Ideal for any kind outdoor adventures, Aqua Quest Stylin 30L, is one of the best products we tested with all round performance currently available on the market albeit at a premium price.

mountain climbing extreme sport

For Climbing

Climbing is one of the most demanding and challenging sports. Both climbers and their gear need strength and durability to reach the top of their goals. The necessary equipment for climbs is rugged and substantial, and that means that the carrying backpack must accommodate everything and endure rough handling.
Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 30L small image
Our recommendation – Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 30L

With an update to what was already an excellent design, the “Scrambler” got improved and toughened up to provide even more versatility and functionality. With intelligent features like easy access hydration sleeve and a smart suspension system, this backpack tries to accomplish everything right. During our testing, it succeeds in meeting our expectations and in some areas it even surprises.

With complete liquid and particle proofing sealing system, you won’t get your gear wet once stored inside the generous 30 L main compartment. You also get a comfy HardWave suspension that distributes weight and evenly adjust to the shape of the body. With plenty of attachment rings, expansion straps and a place for a hydration bladder this truly is a great climber’s backpack.


  • Complete water and dust proof protection for internal storage
  • High quality and durability Nylon shell
  • 35 Liters of carrying capacity is more than adequate for most users
  • Plenty of useful storage space and carrying hook attachments on the outside
  • HardWave suspension system distributes weight for comfortable carrying
  • Included inner water sleeve for easy hydration when outdoors


  • High price
  • Not that great for everyday commutes
  • Uses drawstring for top closing

For those of you that want the best quality gear and have the means to pay the premium then Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 30L offers absolute top-notch quality and superb features and functionality.

camera carrying pack

For Camera

Sometimes carrying thousands of worth of camera equipment in harsh outdoor conditions and over rough terrain can be nerve wrecking. Without a proper carrying storage, one might just as well count the sensitive equipment a complete loss. Thankfully there are specialized carry backpacks for photographers that focus on shock and damage absorption with total waterproofing too.
Abonnyc DRLBP-CG small image
Our recommendation – Abonnyc DRLBP-CG Waterproof Anti-shock Backpack for DSLR and SLR Cameras

We know the horror of getting our expensive cameras destroyed by water all too well. And we are not the only ones. It is the reason why backpacks for carrying cameras like Abonnyc’s DRLBP model are life and gear savers. It offers full water and dust proofing, and also protects interior contents from damage induced by violent vibration and shocks.

It is entirely abrasion and extrusion resistant while still being very comfortable to wear. There is plenty of smart storage space inside for both cameras and attachments with customizable inside dividers and plenty of additional pockets for smaller and larger accessories. We managed to pack our 13-inch laptop, our full camera set with five different lenses and still had room for a phone, snacks, cell phone and chargers.


  • High-quality tear and fully waterproof outer nylon fabric
  • Damage, vibration and shock proof storage
  • All weather all temperature resistance
  • Plenty of smart storage space with plenty of pockets
  • Main camera compartment features useful dividers
  • Fully adjustable straps offer comfort and carry stability


  • Not versatile for other types of uses
  • Not compatible with larger cameras

With a good compatibility with most of the 35 mm cameras and lens attachments, Abonnyc DRLBP-CG Anti-Shock will be an excellent carry-on storage space for active outdoor photographers.


Should I choose water resistant or waterproof rated backpack?

You should always have in mind your usage scenario and outdoor conditions before deciding which water protection level gear you’re going to get. If you are looking for trekking or hiking backpack for just a couple of days stay – you can go for water resistant models and get a rain cover for just in case. On the other hand, if you are kayaking, rafting, skiing or staying in very humid climates then having a fully waterproof backpack is a must to keep all of your gear and equipment dry.

What is the optimal carrying capacity?

There isn’t a universal straight answer for this question as it is different for everyone. If you are asking this question, perhaps you should first read all of our reviews to understand which product suits you the most. Know how much weight and bulk of your gear you need to carry on your outdoor adventures and choose your backpack capacity accordingly.

What type of material should I choose for my bag?

There are different kinds of fabrics used for making a carry bag suitable for use in particular usage scenarios. You will never make a wrong choice if you choose models using synthetic materials like nylon. Depending on your intended outdoor activity you should pick the backpacks that feature materials that will endure any situation that might occur unexpectedly.

Should I carry a first aid kit along with other gear that I’m packing?

Absolutely! You should always have a basic first aid kit handy when going outdoors. You never know when it might come in handy, especially if you plan to be away from settlements and nearby hospitals, for extended periods of time!


Having a reliable and durable gear on your trips to nature and the open ground is a must. Finding the best waterproof backpack is not easy as you can see here, but whichever you choose I’m sure you will do more than just fine. No one likes unpleasant surprises that can ruin your outdoor adventures and even endanger your life. Bringing a high-quality pack for all intents and purposes must be a choice with no compromises!

It is the type of equipment for which you should spare no expenses since a single malfunction potentially jeopardizes your stay and possibly ruins everything that you packed and brought along on your trip. If you carry lots of gear, make sure that your backpack offers plenty of storage space and provides enough expandability in the form of D-rings, bungee cords, and additional straps. Never overburden yourself with gear and equipment that you will never use since carrying weight and storage space are a valuable commodity when you’re using your back!

Pack smart and always ensure that you bring a first aid kit, enough rations and a communications device for emergency situations. Never solely rely on digital devices and make sure that you have a spare paper map of the terrain region you’re on, with you at all times. Finally, enjoy your stay out in nature and try to return to it as often as you can, even if it’s only for just short walks.

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