Cobra Archery Smoke 3 Sight Review

I recently needed a replacement in a sight for my bow. I did some online research and decided to try the Cobra Smoke 3 Fiber Optic for a few reasons.

This sight includes:
-Lightweight Design
-Easily adjust for wind-age and elevation
-Three fully protected .019″ pins
-Weighs only 4.5oz.
-Incredible Fiber Optic Pin brightness
-2″ round lightweight composite sight guard with glo-orange ring for quick target acquisition
-Rheostat light available
-Available in Black, Realtree APG, & LOST Camo
-Right or left hand models available.

Cobra Archery Smoke 3 Sight

After mounting it to my bow, I looked it over before taking it in the back yard to try and shoot with it. The pins lighted up very bright with average day light, and I tested it during sundown with the Rheostat light (like a black light) and again, the pins were easy and just bright enough not to cause you to lose your target. Also with the light on, unlike on some other sights on the market, it did not cause any eye strain from glare etc.
This site has markings for vertical & horizontal movement as well as vertical movement of the pins is there if needed. It has a level bubble on the lower part of the circular opening which was clearly seen when in full drawn shooting position. I quickly had it sighted in for 20 yards and proceeded to sight the other 2 pins in for 30 & 40 in case I would ever need it.

-A lot of vertical & horizontal adjustment
-Great visibility in day light and low light conditions
-Great Customer Service! I spoke with Marie & Kevin @ Cobra Archery and they were grateful to answer the questions and concerns I had!
-Very well priced for a Fiber Optic sight with a light included

-The only comment I have is that I needed to carry three different size allen wrench’s with me to adjust the sight when sighting it in. Not really a big deal as once its sighted in, you no longer should need to adjust the sights.

Overall its a great sight at a great value and it is USA Outdoors Approved!