Ice Augers- Propane vs. 2-stroke gas vs. 4-stroke vs. Electric

Power augers now are very reliable and very efficient. We can argue for hours about the “Who’s the best.” The bottom line is that you cannot buy a bad auger these days. However you can buy something that fits your style and the way you fish. So I am not going to in depth on all options that each company offers, But listing a few select augers to help inform you on what is out there. You cannot go wrong with any selection of augers listed here. Your purchase will be based on what you are looking for rather it be blade size, horsepower, weight, cost etc. All Ice Fisherman know that a quality auger is the most important piece of equipment they need to own!

What type is best for you?

An Ice Auger is and will be the essential tool in your ice fishing arsenal! You will rely on it every time you go fishing. So why not choose something that best fits your long term needs?

1. How much do you plan on using this Auger?
2. How big of a hole do you want to fish out of? Most come with an 8” auger, but some are offered with a 10” Auger.
3. Would you fish more if it was easier while on an ice fishing trip? (Hand vs Power)
4. The weight of the selected Auger. How do you plan on transporting it from your vehicle to your fishing spot?
5. Depending on where you live the ice may become thicker than in other states. So choose what works best as if you have to drill a 20” hole with a hand auger, you will spend a ton of energy per hole!
6. How many holes do you normally drill per fishing trip?
7. Finally, what can you afford?

Now let’s compare brands.

After you narrow down a selection of what you feel will work best for you, we need to look at each brand and compare models. Both 2-stroke and 4-stroke gas models are available. Gas powered models start easy if maintained properly even in sub below conditions. Battery powered models require less to no maintenance, but charging the battery or having to carry a large battery along with the rest of your fishing gear can be a hassle.
Next you need to look at the following comparison to what is offered.

· Value/Price vs. Features
· Warranties
· Satisfaction/Reputation

I know this is a lot of information but choosing the right auger is worth the time. This is an important investment that you can and will use for years to come!

Now let’s take a look at some Ice Augers!

Let’s start with Eskimo’s. Eskimo is a brand of Ardisam, Inc – a manufacturing company located in northwest Wisconsin in the Island City of Cumberland. Well-known for quality products, Ardisam has produced a variety of seasonal sporting goods for the past 50 years – a span of time that has lasted 3 generations in a family business.

Eskimo ice augerEskimo Power Augers

Shark Z71 71cc Viper Engine

Shark Z51 51.7cc Viper Engine

Mako M43 43cc Viper Engine

Stingray S33 33cc Viper Engine

Eskimo Hand Augers

Barracuda (Curved Blade)

Standard (Straight Blade)

Jiffy is a brand of Feldmann Engineering & Mfg. Co Inc. located near Plymouth Wisconsin. Started in 1947 in a cheese factory building near Plymouth, Wisconsin, by Marvin H. Feldmann as a proprietorship. The business was incorporated in 1968.

Jiffy Power Augers

Pro 4 49cc (Propane)

4G 49cc

STX Pro 2 52cc

30 XT 52cc

SD60i 52cc
Jiffy Electric AugersPro 2 Lectric (Electric)Building legendary gas, electric and hand augers around three core elements: Power, Speed & Lightness, StrikeMaster continues to win the race to the bottom of the hole. With 65+ years experience of reaching fish through the ice, each model features premium components, unmatched by the competition.

Strikemaster Power AugersHonda 35cc LiteLazer Mag 42ccLazer Pro 54cc

Magnum 37cc

Strikemaster Electric Augers

Big Volt Electric

Electra Lazer (Electric)

Strikemaser Hand Augers

Lazer Synthetic Ultra-Lite


New to the Ice Auger line-ups is HT Enterprises. They are based out of Campbellsport, WI.

HT Power Augers

Polar Fire 43cc

Ion came charging in this winter with a Electric Auger that cuts like a gas auger!

Ion Power Augers

40 Volt Lithium Ion Battery