Our Team

Everything you see on our website is the result of a team effort. We are not mere associates; we are friends that went through many outdoor adventures together which made permanent bonds between us. Our shared enthusiasm and the will and passion for exploring the unknown born the idea of making this online platform in the first place. Each member of the team contributes to articles relying on personal expertise and experience which gives our readers verified and field-tested information that is useful in the great outdoors.

image of James Doyle

James Doyle – Editor in Chief

Hiking and Climbing

Hi guys and welcome to our site! As you can see, my name is James, and I’m a self proclaimed hiking and climbing guru and I own a rock climbing gym where I love to encourage people to step out of the comfort zone and enjoy their everyday accomplishments.

This site is made for everyone who is into any kind of outdoor sports, activities or anyone who wants to get out of the house and try something new and good for your body and mind. My favorite activities are mountain climbing and hiking, so those are the topics I’ll cover most. And, with the help of my friends, we’ll cover as much outdoor equipment as we can so you can know what products are the best.

Everything from equipment, essentials, wardrobe, packs and popular destinations, you name it. I’ll search for the best products on the market and I will share with you my personal tips and experience, so you can improve your hiking experience like never before. We only share products that we personally choose and test out, and when they pass our testing, we can put it in our list of top products for a certain category.

Now, after I’ve introduced myself, check out the rest of the team! They are all assigned to create and edit the content in their main expertise, and here are their stories:

Image of Mark

Mark Hewitt – Associate Editor

Fishing, Water Sports and Equipment

Mark Hewitt is a fisherman who pretty much enjoys water sports and boasts 15 years of adventuring experience. The passion for fishing drove him to visit various countries across the globe where he had the pleasure of enjoying the sights and experience everything that nature has to offer. With his team of fishers, they often compete in professional tournaments and occasionally bring back trophies and awards.

Not a stranger to kayaking, he can often be found fighting raging rivers and going down rock ridden merciless streams. Our chief gear tester for water related sports, Mark uses his experience to bring our readers best reviews of the latest products. He prides with an unbiased approach to his reviewing process so when you see an editor’s award, know that it earns it based on real life performance and overall quality. Guides and tips articles are another of his strong suits in which he shares experience and points out useful information to readers and outdoor venturing beginners.

Reading through Mark’s content will help you find out which is the best waterproof gear that will never let you down during use in the field. Everything he tests goes through rough handling and only gets a recommendation if it survives through days of hard use. If you want to find out which product holds up best when facing the water, Mark’s reviews are the perfect content to read.

Photo of Angela

Angela Lewis

Camping, Apparel and Equipment

Angela specializes in bringing you latest and greatest outdoor apparel and equipment reviews and guides. Passionate about traveling, she likes to visit new countries and explore foods and natural beauties which often means staying outdoors for extended periods of time. This experience makes her perfect for sharing information about outdoor clothing and accessories.

No one likes to find their equipment malfunction when facing rough terrain and harsh weather so having a durable and reliable apparel is a must. Angela focuses on materials and functionality of clothing and gear which can at times prove lifesaving in certain situations. She also writes tips and tricks that can help keep your equipment in pristine condition and make them last you longer.

Be sure to check her review editorials where she compares top products and ranks them by quality, versatility, and functionality. When you want to find out which gear is the best, Angela’s buying guides are what you should be reading. She is also proud of her “how to” section where you get to learn techniques that will make your stay out in the field much more pleasant and convenient.